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Everyday English with Erika and Elizabeth

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Everyday English with Erika & Elizabeth is the podcast series that explores how native English speakers use the language in everyday settings.


Whether in work or social settings, everyday English can be challenging for non-native English speakers.The English language is full of colloquial terms, phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions. It is important for professionals who are interacting with native speakers to understand such terms. Although everyday English is not as formal as professional or academic English, it is commonly used in the workplace. 


In this series, Erika McClane and Elizabeth Mc Donnell of Professional English Solutions explore some of the challenges that learners of English have, and they offer pointers on understanding everyday English.


Click here for more information on how you can improve your everyday English.


Episode 1: What is Everyday English?  In the pilot episode of the series, Erika and Elizabeth explore what we mean by 'everyday English'. 


They interview two speakers of the language. Firstly, Nico, a non-native English speaker from China, talks with Erika about her experiences of using English in professional and social settings, including a story of a misunderstanding. 


Elizabeth then speaks with her son, Jarek. They discuss phrases that a native speaker would naturally use when arranging to meet up with a friend. 


Presented and written by Erika McClane and Elizabeth Mc Donnell

Production and editing by Jarek Zaba 

Artwork by Danielle Morrison 

What Our Students Are Saying...

“My teacher is very flexible and adjusts the teaching style in best way to accommodate my needs. She taught me not only English but also culture, which helped me a lot to live here and work for an American company.”

— Kazue
Merchandise Manager


"Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it." 

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