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Professional English

Professional English training is an important step towards learning English specific to your work setting and to advancing your career. The focus of our Professional English courses is on communicating clearly in a business setting.


Many large and medium-sized companies now require their employees to speak English to enable:

  • Clearer communication among staff internally and externally

  • Improved customer relations

  • Interaction with colleagues in an everyday office setting

  • Support for their company in being a global player


Our Professional English courses will give you confidence in using English in the workplace, for example making phone calls, writing reports and e-mails, giving presentations, holding meetings, and participating in negotiations.

Professional English lessons give you the tools you need to be engaged during meetings and to offer your expertise with confidence.

Each lesson will support you in progressively developing your English language skills: speaking, listening. vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. These lessons will support you in developing the confidence to apply what you learn to your professional needs.


Conversational English

This course is designed to help you develop your conversational English. It will help you in learning and in using everyday English expressions, commonly-used idioms and a wide range of phrasal verbs. 


This course will be especially useful if you are:

  • Moving to an English-speaking country 

  • Interacting frequently with native English speakers

  • Working with people of mixed cultures, where English is the language of communication. 


Conversational English training will help you in those social situations such as conferences, dinners, coffee breaks and corridor conversations. Think of times when maybe someone says ‘How’s it going?’ or ‘What’s up?’ and you have no idea how to respond!  The topic or expression used may be outside what you normally use in meetings and in discussing work. 


The course will help in connecting with English-speaking colleagues and clients, and so contribute towards building effective professional relationships.  It will boost your confidence in using English in the many different situations in which you find yourself working. 

*All lessons are 50 minutes. 

One Time Trial Package:
5 Lessons

€200 // $240 

Full Package:
10 Lessons

€450 // $530 

“I really enjoyed the time we had in the English lessons, not only the grammar, speaking and writing skills, but also the conversations about the culture and life in the U.S. which helped me a lot to catch up.”

— Kai
Software Development Engineer



A few examples of past projects include:

  • Preparing for job  interviews

  • Writing cover letters and applications

  • Creating  content for presentations

  • Editing reports

  • Preparing academic papers and dissertations

  • Developing written communication skills

  • Improving public speaking, including pronunciation and intonation

  • English for Specific Purposes: Developing vocabulary, listening and speaking skills specific to a particular field or profession. 

These sessions can be booked individually or as a package, to allow for full flexibility. 

Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

*All lessons are 50 minutes. 

One Time Trial Package:
5 Lessons

€200 // $240 

Full Package:
10 Lessons

€450 // $530 

Do you need help preparing for an important presentation or interview, editing a slideshow, drafting a report, or writing a dissertation? Would you like to focus on a particular communication skill, using material that relates directly to your specific field? Just let us know what you need and we will provide one-on-one customized support.

Our coaching services are available to help you develop your specific professional communication needs. If you have a task, project, or communication skill that you would like assistance with, this service is designed for you. We will start by meeting with you one-on-one to learn about your specific needs, and then create a custom plan to help you meet your goals.

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